Monday, December 6, 2010

The PR Industry’s Future is Looking Bright

© Alain Mikli
Yesterday, several news articles appeared forecasting that the public relations specialist profession is expected to experience strong growth in the next ten years. This should be no surprise to anyone in the public relations profession.

As founder of a small public relations firm, I have a firsthand look into the growth of the industry. I relocated my business to California and there are several client possibilities near and far. To me…public relations is the ultimate profession. It combines creativity, writing, type-A personalities, event planning and spontaneity. Public relations is evolving with new developments in social media. Due to this change businesses need public relations more than ever.  So stick with me a while longer…PR is here to stay.

Click here for the U.S. News article, Best Careers 2011: Public Relations.

Regine J. Nelson is founder and principal of Allure Marketing Communications. Allure specializes in small business, consumer products, nonprofit and start-up PR. Email for a free consultation.

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