Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - May 16

Another edition of the Daily PR Tidbit brought to you by Allure Marketing + Communications. Feel free to share or comment.

Facebook recently published a PDF document giving businesses a guide to best practices for marketing on the massive social networking site. - By John Paul Titlow

Sometimes you happen upon a blog post title in your RSS reader (yep I’m old school) that grabs your attention. - By Tom Murphy

According to a recent Pew Research Center study that analyzed Nielsen data relative to the 25 news websites with the largest number of unique monthly visitors, Facebook is a more valuable source of traffic than Twitter. - By Beth Krietsch

Social media and journalism are becoming more and more intertwined, and while the debate rages on if social media is a part of the journalism industry, Twitter, Facebook and the like shouldn’t just be reserved for the marketers and brand community managers out there. - By Erin Everhart

Back in March I wrote a post about moving away from the generic social ask. What is a social ask? - By Sarah Evans

Sometimes you’re just flat out of ideas. It’s not a matter of talent — you’ve written great stuff in the past. - By Danny Iny

Facebook is quickly becoming a great marketing tool for businesses to build a compelling social media presence and engage with users. - By Cody Barbierri

Kat Lynch is a PR & Social Media Apprentice at Allure Marketing + Communications. She is a senior at Stanford University.

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