Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - Jan 17

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Golden Globes sued by PR firm
The organizers of the Golden Globe Awards have been hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit just days before the glitzy ceremony is due to roll into Hollywood. By

Groupon, Facebook, LinkedIn… Get Ready for the Social IPO Explosion
Check out this quick rundown by Joshua M. Brown via The faster Times.

Social Media: A tool for instant networking at conferences
Planners and suppliers can benefit from social networking, just as you can benefit from networking at face-to-face events. Like face-to-face networking, social media is best used as conversation, not direct selling. -- By Elizabeth Glau

The Lost Art of the Media Alert
You hear a lot of talk about press releases as a PR tactic, but what about the media alert (also commonly known as a media advisory)? Before the days or email and Twitter, media alerts were the short form way to alert news organizations about something timely you wanted them to cover. -- By Jeremy Porter via Journalistics 

The Gaming Level to Come
In the past couple of years, we’ve seen the boom of the social network and how it’s affected us.  Facebook proved to be incredibly profitable for Mark Zuckerberg.  As we enter into this New Year, many of us are asking, “What’s next?” -- By Curt Finch via 

10 Tips for Handling a Media Blitz
Is there such thing as too much good press? Here's how to master your PR in a press onslaught and keep a positive business buzz going strong. - By Alyssa Danigelis via

Pooh and the PR Practitioner: Practical Tips from a Honey Loving Bear

Winnie the Pooh is particularly on point as it relates to public relations. Learn how as Jessica Sharp of Maven Communciations explains.

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