Monday, January 24, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - Jan 24

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Three Social Media Lessons to Learn From Brett Favre 
Chris Syme takes take a critical look at how Favre fell from grace. He identifies three lessons on social media strategy we can learn from Mr. Favre. -- Social Media Today

2011's Social Media Super Bowl Puts Twitter & Facebook In The Driver's Seat
This year with over 100 million viewers predicted to watch the Super Bowl and commercials costing $3 million a spot, brands are looking to rope in even more eyeballs by promoting their wares on Twitter and Facebook. And this year, Mercedes-Benz is upping the ante by actually awarding 2 of their new 2012 C-Class Coupes to contest contestants they consider the most savvy social networkers. --

17 Social Media Tips, Tweets and Lessons in 140 Characters or Fewer

Shane Gibson regularly tweets out social media tips each day and the past couple weeks of tweets have definitely been influenced by his thoughts on best practices, social media training, implementation and of course leadership. In this post he shares his stream of consciousness from the past week. And they are pretty helpful! -- Social Media & Sales Strategy Podcast and Blog by Shane Gibson 

Groupon is Not for Every New Business

One of the hardest tasks for a new business is starting a relationship with the public. How does one manage a relationship with the public if the public doesn’t know the company exists? Recently, new businesses have been utilizing a website known as Groupon to gain public recognition. However, Groupon is not all that it's cracked up to be. -- Nick Stackhouse, Prowl Public Relations

Kim Carlos, PR specialist, hasn't explained why she was worth $40,000 to the city
A public-relations specialist who had a $40,000 contract with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, appears to be struggling to produce evidence that she was worth the money. -- David Martin, The Pitch Blog

6 Ways To Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Free PublicityShonali Burke recently posted a HARO request soliciting great examples of small business social media strategies. What she received was over 60 pitches...most of them were bad. --

Social Plays Vital Role In Corporate Responsibility, Green Initiatives
Media Post recently released their Vitrue 100, which annually ranks the "most social" brands by measuring "social mentions" across the vast social web. For this article, they drilled down to see what companies on their Vitrue 100 list had powerful and successful "green" and "socially responsible sustainability" programs.-- Reggie Bradford via MediaPost

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