Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - Jan 26

Another edition of the Daily PR Tidbit brought to you by Allure Marketing + Communications. Feel free to share or comment.

PR Grads Need Business Skills & Etiquette to Succeed
The world of public relations may have changed, but there are some basic business skills and workplace etiquette that new PR grads should be aware of. The current recession means we are in a “buyer’s market.” Agencies are very selective in hiring and may not hesitate to dismiss a new hire or intern who doesn’t integrate with the culture of the agency and its clients.-- Joel Postman via Socialized PR

Online + Offline = Better PR
If you believe the newspaper has died and that everyone who’s anyone is on Twitter, this post isn’t for you. You should find something else to read. But, if you’re interested in communicating the right message to the right audience — online and offline — keep reading. -- Heather Whaling via PRtini

Foursquare Hits 6M Users; Food Venues Most Popular Checkin, Campuses Least Popular

Location-based social provider Foursquare hit yet another milestone today with the announcement that the startup has hit six million total users and surpassed more than 381 million checkins. -- Justin Montgomery via Mobile Marketing Watch

Should I Care About Quora?
I’m sure as marketers many of you have probably heard of Quora. If not, you’re gonna hear more about this little Q&A site in the months to come. Some of you may have stumbled upon an erudite explanation of mundane questions you’d always wondered about (for e.g.), which then may have led to your wondering why and how does Quora matter to you professionally. -- Mario Sundar via MarketingProf Daily Fix

Social Media for Small Business: 52 Points Toward An Informed Decision
This article enables comparison of four media now in widespread use by small businesses: Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and newsletters. As means for small companies to achieve marketing and public-relations objectives, these four media deserve attention. Here are 13 basic points about each to support decision-making about effective business communications now and in the near future. -- Glenn Harrington via Social Marketing Hub

Latinos and Teens: Cracking the Social Media Codes
Teens have a language all their own and they’re taking it to new heights through social media. According to an article in MediaShift, teens have developed their own form of “social coding” that allows them to be public while still keeping their conversations private. From the type of profile picture you use, to which brands you follow, there’s a hidden message in everything teens say or do. -- Cynthia Boris via Marketing Pilgrim

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