Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - Jan 14

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The big Quora question: What’s it good for?The question-and-answer site is getting a lot of buzz, but is it really useful? Commentators weigh in on what it is, and what it could be. -- By Matt Wilson via

Twitter isn’t the new Cronkite, nor should it be – the #giffords shooting
January 8′s tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ illustrated a few things about the modern media landscape that very few people understand and even fewer have the ability to influence. It showed the usefulness of interconnected social media platforms, it showed the power of the web for research and, most of all, it showed that too many people still don’t get Twitter. - By TDHurst

5 Ways to Prevent or Overcome PR Burn-Out
If you find yourself rolling your eyes when a certain client calls, dreading going to work or just stuck with a giant mental block that prevents you from being your usual creative self , do not dread, burn-out CAN be overcome! - by Katherine Davis via LiveLivePR

7 Reasons Why I Love Public Relations
Sometimes it is easy to forget why you are doing what you do. We all need reminders on the things we love about our careers, relationships, and just life in general. -- By Christine Idokogi

5 Great Ways to Get Sued as a Blogger
The Internet has changed the game in terms of personal publishing. Now anyone, with only a few minutes a free account, can reach an audience of millions on the Web. Individuals with a little bit of free time can compete reasonably well with huge corporations with thousands of employees. -- Written by Jonathan Bailey from Plagiarism Today

Top 10 Things To Consider When Looking for a Job in Public Relations
Looking for a job in public relations or know someone who is in the market? by BLASTmedia

Former reporters find jump to PR harder than expected
Many unemployed journalists look for work in public relations. But as The New York Times reports, working in a newsroom no longer prepares you for a job in public relations.  -- By Greg Beaubien

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