Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - April 13

Another edition of the Daily PR Tidbit brought to you by Allure Marketing + Communications. Feel free to share or comment.

Few, if any, new technologies have experienced the surge in consumer adoption that the iPad has -- selling 3 million units in its first 80 days and tracking to surpass the cell phone to become the fourth-biggest consumer electronics category, according to Bernstein Research. - By Jodi Harris

I had a friend call me the other day, to see if I could give her a quick Twitter tutorial. We talked about developing her strategy for Twitter. - By Elena Verlee

Web users in the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Europe have embraced Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms as vehicles for communication, commerce, and revolution. - By Liz Elting

Getting fans to comment on your Facebook Page can take a lot of time and effort. And it can sometimes be painful seeing other Facebook Pages that make engagement look easy. - By John Haydon

Rules can be helpful, but they can also close your mind to possibilities and immobilize you. When it comes to social media, the first rule you’re likely to be told is this: “Never start a social media initiative until you know your objectives.” - By Ilana Rabinowitz

To celebrate reaching 100 million members, LinkedIn has created a helpful infographic and is sending personal notes to its first one million members. - By Tonya Garcia

Frozen dessert shop Tasti D-Lite has been heating up the social space over the past few years, introducing a series of innovative digital programs and campaigns, including the introduction of social tie-ins with its TastiRewards loyalty program and in-shop iPads that serve as customer information kiosks. - By Erica Swallow

Kat Lynch is a PR & Social Media Apprentice at Allure Marketing + Communications. She is a senior at Stanford University.

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