Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily PR Tidbit - April 22

Another edition of the Daily PR Tidbit brought to you by Allure Marketing + Communications. Feel free to share or comment.

Communicators and brands have been busy testing new tactics that may turn some of Facebook's 500 million users into "likes." - By Regina D'Alesio

There’s no such thing as “off the record” anymore. - By Gil Rudawsky

Get a group of people from together and ask them: Ever gone on a bad date? Now, get a group of editors together and ask them: Ever cringed at a press release? - By Chloe Thompson

Do you have one foot on the PR banana peel? If you’re like me, part of you is in “the old world” of PR and the other foot is sliding into the new digital landscape: excited, nervous, learning, kicking, and screaming. - By Susan Young

Facebook Page Administrators had a little learning to do today, as the world’s largest social media site rolled out an update to not only the look but also the way those pages act. - By Steve Mullen

Live tweeting is quickly becoming a favorite way for news organizations to cover speeches and other events. - By Ethan Klapper

The public relations profession is built on a foundation of two-way communication. - By Jamie Carracher

Kat Lynch is a PR & Social Media Apprentice at Allure Marketing + Communications. She is a senior at Stanford University.

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